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Come On Set With Us

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a captivating commercial? Today, we're excited to take you on a journey through the process of creating a memorable commercial for the City ofRoanoke, Texas. From the initial planning stages to the final shots, here's an in-depth look at how it all came together.

Pre-Production – Building the Dream Team

The first crucial step in any successful shoot is assembling the right team. For the City of Roanoke commercial, we meticulously selected a crew that included a skilled director, a gaffer to master the lighting, a grip to manage the technical aspects, and even a car mount for those dynamic shots that capture Roanoke's essence.

But it wasn't just about the technical crew. We also cast three talented models who personified the city's spirit. To make sure they looked their best, we brought in a Hair and Makeup (HMU) artist who skillfully enhanced their features, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the final shots.

Shoot Day – From Dawn to Dusk

The actual shoot day was an exhilarating 10-hour adventure, starting at 9 am and concluding at 7pm. Our goal was to encapsulate Roanoke's vibrancy throughout the day, showcasing the city's activities from morning to night.

Despite a few weather concerns on the horizon, the shoot proceeded remarkably smoothly. We encountered only a few sprinkles of rain, which didn't hinder our progress, allowing us to capture all the shots we needed.

Midday Break – A Taste of Roanoke

As the shoot progressed, we arrived at a scene set at Babe's, a popular local spot. This presented a perfect opportunity for the crew to take a well-deserved break. Sharing a meal at Babe's not only added a touch of camaraderie but also enriched the entire experience, allowing us to experience the city ourselves, too.

Behind-the-Scenes Magic – Planning and Execution

Behind every polished frame of the commercial lay a web of intricate planning and meticulous execution. Before even setting foot on location, we navigated through securing permissions for each site. On the shoot day, we set up cameras, meticulously positioned lighting to capture the city's vibe, and guided the models to portray genuine emotions and interactions.

The commercial's objectives were to spotlight three key facets of Roanoke: its family-friendly atmosphere, its status as the Unique Dining Capital of Texas, and the diverse range of experiences it offers visitors.

Wrapping Up – Collaboration and Creativity

When the final commercial graces screens, remember that it represents the culmination of teamwork and creative synergy. Collaborating closely with the City of Roanoke allowed us to translate their vision into a compelling visual story that showcases the city's charm.

As you watch the commercial, appreciate not only the polished shots but also the collective efforts of the crew, the models, and the local talent who brought Roanoke's narrative to life.